Ultimate Reset Day 17

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Oct 21


Ok it’s another Friday night and I baked another Pizza for my kids.  And while it was cooking the smell was delightful and I’m so looking forward to next Friday night when I can enjoy my choice of dinner with a glass of wine to go with it 😉

I was rushing today to get out of the house so I forgot to snap my breakfast, but it was a repeat of Wednesday morning so I used that one.  I also didn’t plan well for my morning out.  Brought my supplements and enough water for those, but no extra water and no lunch.  I was not home in time for lunch so at 2:30 when I did get home, I grabbed my dinner for tonight because it was already cooked and prepared and just needed to be re-heated.  Lunch was Squash and Lemon Green Beans.

The salad I had for dinner had to marinate in the fridge for 3 hours, so there was no way I could have eaten that for lunch.  So as my lunch was heating I put together the Carrot salad and started the marinating.  For dinner, Carrot Salad over Baby Greens.  A very different flavor and it was good.

The weekends are so hard for me as I want to sit in front of a movie and just eat…crunchy things, salty things, and sometimes even sweet things.  Herbal tea isn’t doing the trick, but it’s keeping me focused on my goal…reaching my 21-days without any cheats 😀  Happy Friday!

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