Ultimate Reset Day 15

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Oct 19


We have officially entered into our Final week, Week 3!  Although I felt like I had lost weight, at weigh in this morning I was down only .6 since week 1.  Total weight loss to date 6.6 lbs.  I’m not doing this Reset to lose weight, but I did have a few extra pounds that I added at the end of the summer so it’s nice to have them gone again.  And frankly I was surprised that I did lose weight because I’m eating so much food at every meal it’s crazy!!!

This entire last week is Fruit Plate for breakfast, so I decided to add back in Shakeology to my daily meal plan and have it for breakfast with a big cup of frozen berries.  I’d prefer Tropical Strawberry, but hubby likes Chocolate so I compromised since he’s giving up Cheeseburgers and Pizza to do this detox with me 😉

Lunch was really good, but when I was done I was about to explode!  Miso soup minus the seaweed and Asian cabbage salad.  There were so many onions in my salad that my chest was on fire by the time I was done eating.  Green onions in my soup and salad and red and green onions in my salad.  It was so good though, I didn’t stop eating until it was all gone.

I was anticipating dinner all day.  I couldn’t wait to eat my sweet potato!  I sauteed some Garlic veggies and that was dinner.

No more Detox drink, but we added in a Revitalize Vitamin that contains pro and prebiotics which help to create a healthy environment within your intestines so things work as they should down there 🙂

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