Ultimate Reset Day 14

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Oct 19




Last day of week 2 🙂  Another large plate of fruit for breakfast, but within 1 hour I was hungry again.  Odd right?!  I think my body needs protein in the mornings, cause when I get protein I’m fine until lunch time.

Lunch was Squash soup and a mirco green salad.  I don’t think I prepared the squash right for dinner last night and now the soup didn’t make right either.  It was more like squash paste.  It was still yummy and I was hungry, so I ate it…ALL!

Dinner was soooo good!  Lemon Kale and Edamame and Roasted Corn Succotash.

This week I actually feel like I lost weight and my clothes are feeling different too…we’ll find out in the morning.  Week 3 here we come.

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