Ultimate Reset Day 13

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Oct 17


Well today I just failed with getting pics of my food!  I had a bowl of Cream of Wheat for breakfast along with steamed zucchini and avocado.  Not my choice of items to eat together, but I guess these combinations help with cleansing your body of toxins.

Lunch was a Micro Green Salad and a yummy hot bowl of Roasted Red Pepper & Sweet Potato soup.  And I finished my day with Steamed Broccoli and Baked Squash with Tahini Sauce.  My tahini sauce didn’t look like sauce at all, but it had a great flavor!  My husband wasn’t too thrilled with dinner, but he ate it.  We laughed because years ago, early in our marriage I prepared an Eggplant and French Dressing Casserole for dinner one night.  It was the worst thing I have ever made!!  Now I can put anything in front of him and he can eat and say, “Well at least I’m not eating Eggplant and French Dressing”!!!!!

I can’t believe I’ll be going shopping for my final 7 days of this detox tomorrow.  I’m excited and kinda bummed.  I like having a plan to follow, a plan that someone else puts together.  And after tomorrow, I’ll be on my own for grocery lists and meal planning.

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