Ultimate Reset Day 10

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Oct 14


Another Friday night Pizza Night conquered 🙂  I’m really missing my Pizza, and Milkyway Bars, and coffee, and chocolate, and pancakes and bacon, and apple pie, and peanut butter & jelly, and chips and yogurt dip…….

Today started off with a hefty serving of fruit, 3 1/2 c to be extact.  Lunch time came and I was all set with a Greek salad and Sweet potato and roasted red pepper soup.  And I finished off my day with Lentil-Quinoa pilaf and steamed broccoli with lemon juice.

I’m really struggling with cravings today.  I’m at the halfway mark of my 21-days so I need to stay focused on my WHY!  To cleanse my body naturally through the foods I eat and gentle yet effective supplements.

And as I sit writing this I’m tired.  Busy day tomorrow, so tonight will be an early one.

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