Ulitmate Reset Day 8

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Oct 12


Now Entering Phase 2!!  The Reclaim Phase ~ I’m reclaiming my body back from the inside/out 🙂  This week’s focus is to clean out any unwanted waste from the body.  I’m pretty sure I did some of that in week 1 too, but this week we add in a Detox drink formulated with Milk Thistle which promotes healthy liver function.  Unlike the Power Greens, which I drink each day around 2:30 pm, the Detox drink has a citrus flavor and is enjoyable to drink.

Breakfast today was a large plate of fruit.  In all I ate 3 cups of fresh fruit and a kiwi.  It was super yummy, but I got hungry pretty quickly after breakfast was over.  My body is used to having a protein with breakfast or a hearty grain cereal.

Lunhc was….you guessed it, another Micro Green salad.  I could for sure eat these every day!

Dinner looked small on paper, but once I plated everything it turned out to be another filling meal and it was yummy.  Topped the green beans with fresh lemon juice and EVOO.   Jimmy said “Pinto Beans, those are always dry!”, NOT these, they had the perfect blend of seasonings and a splash of Bragg’s Liquid Amino.

Did I mention that I’m down 6 lbs from a week ago when I started?  Yeap!  I can get excited about that progress for sure.


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