The Glycemic Index
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Ultimate Reset Day 21
I did it!!!  I completed the Ultimate Reset.  21-days of cleansing my system of all things processed.  I feel great,[...]
Ultimate Reset Day 20
1 day left!!  Crazy to think that 3 weeks ago I thought this was going to be a long 3[...]
Ultimate Reset Day 19
I can't believe this is the end of my final weekend on the Reset!  I'm so excited because I am[...]
Ultimate Reset Day 18
3 days left!  I ate a ton of food today.  Big plate of fruit for breakfast, Spinach salad and a[...]
Ultimate Reset Day 17
Ok it's another Friday night and I baked another Pizza for my kids.  And while it was cooking the smell[...]
Ultimate Reset Day 16
I absolutely LOVE starting my days off with Shakeology!  Vegan Chocolate is so yummy and when I add in frozen[...]
Ultimate Reset Day 15
We have officially entered into our Final week, Week 3!  Although I felt like I had lost weight, at weigh[...]
Ultimate Reset Day 14
    Last day of week 2 🙂  Another large plate of fruit for breakfast, but within 1 hour I[...]
Ultimate Reset Day 13
Well today I just failed with getting pics of my food!  I had a bowl of Cream of Wheat for[...]
Ultimate Reset Day 12
Today I was running late for church so instead of my normal plate of fruit I made a quick Vegan[...]
Ultimate Reset Day 11
My day is done and I'm really tired.  Ate lots of whole food today, but my body is not used[...]
Ultimate Reset Day 10
Another Friday night Pizza Night conquered 🙂  I'm really missing my Pizza, and Milkyway Bars, and coffee, and chocolate, and[...]
Ultimate Reset Day 9
Another fabulous day of eating 🙂  Breakfast was a plain bowl of Cream of Wheat, that wasn't the most enjoyable[...]
Ulitmate Reset Day 8
Now Entering Phase 2!!  The Reclaim Phase ~ I'm reclaiming my body back from the inside/out 🙂  This week's focus[...]
Ultimate Reset Day 7
Final Day of week 1!  Started off with some Oatmeal and Flaxseed, wow that was a very dry breakfast and[...]
Ultimate Reset Day 6
I'm almost done with week 1!  I can't believe it?!  I have added in a cup of green tea to[...]
Ultimate Reset Day 5
Sunday and of course with church and other activities I was off on my schedule and timing of things, BUT[...]
Ultimate Reset Day 4
Started off my Saturday with a huge plate of fresh fruit and more of the AWESOME organic, grass fed plain[...]