Ultimate Reset Day 7

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Oct 12


Final Day of week 1!  Started off with some Oatmeal and Flaxseed, wow that was a very dry breakfast and kinda hard to eat.  But when I think of the Seaweed and smile and enjoy my dry oatmeal.  I also got some plain yogurt w/maple syrup and a green apple.  After I was done I realized I should have mixed it all in with my oatmeal 😛

Lunch was another huge Micro green salad.  These are amazing, filled with different flavors, and easy to make!  Why wouldn’t you?

Dinner was the ever salty mess of Baked tempeh, brown rice, and steamed asparagus.  Taking a bite of the tempeh with some rice and/or veggie made it bareable to eat.

Did I mention that most nights I was wanting a crunchy snack?  Well I was so I ate a small green apple or 1 large Celery Rib with some organic Almond Butter.  It was the perfect snack.

Phase 1 is now complete!!


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