Ultimate Reset Day 5

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Oct 12


Sunday and of course with church and other activities I was off on my schedule and timing of things, BUT still had a good day and ate well!  Most days at lunch the food is so much I can’t eat it all.  However, I am Italian and if there’s food in front of me I WILL EAT IT 🙂

Breakfast was Cream of Wheat with walnuts, chopped green apple, and some maple syrup.  Not like my Grandma Ricco’s but it was edible, I enjoyed it, and it brought back some sweet memories spending time with her in her kitchen!

Lunch was Quinoa Salad and veggies with hummus and dinner consisted of Miso Soup, Stir-fried veggies, and brown rice.  I added my rice to my Miso to make it more enjoyable to eat.

By the end of the day, I was feeling really tired.  I attended a friend’s 35th wedding anniversary party and avoided the table full of Homemade cookies, brownies, and bars, along with the Hot Coffee and Apple Cider and freshly popped popcorn!!  It wasn’t easy, but I stayed focused on my goal and stuck with my water.  Plus I got in some dancing so that helped keep my mind off the table full of yummies.

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