Ultimate Reset Day 4

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Oct 08


Started off my Saturday with a huge plate of fresh fruit and more of the AWESOME organic, grass fed plain yogurt from Day 2!  It was so yummy.  I added some of the raspberries and blackberries to the yogurt.  Lunch was another HUGE micro green salad along with a lentil lime salad.  So much food, it’s hard to eat it all and sometimes it takes me about 45 minutes to finish my meal!  Dinner was another Southwest Taco and Stir-fry Veggies. I re-arranged our meals today to avoid eating more Seaweed.  As long as I stay within Phase 1, I can mix and match meals.

We’re half way through Phase 1.  Here’s a brief description of the Power Greens drink we get to enjoy every afternoon, “Power Greens is a combination of six powerful greens, including kale, spirulina, cucumber, celery, spinach, and chlorella, each known for providing their own unique benefits, and now brought together to form the prefect “green team.”” Day 1 was unbearable, but each day it gets easier to drink.  WHY?  I don’t know, but I’m glad 🙂

I am definitely mising my caffeine.  Although I’m waking feeling well rested and my day starts great, by mid-morning I feel a crash coming on like I need a nap to continue my day.

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