Ultimate Reset Day 2

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Oct 06


Today we ate normal food all day long, which was nice!

Yesterday I was craving a pizza pie…you know the big sliced kind with the amazing crust that you find just about any where in Jersey, but my favorite pie is from Sam’s on the Wildwood Boardwalk.  Today I took a long walk after dropping my kids at school and the air outside was so cool and crisp.  It was a perfect Fall morning!!  And what goes best with a perfect Fall morning?? A hot cup of black coffee!!  BUT, no coffee for me for the next 20 days so I was out of luck 🙁  I did come home and made a hot cup of lemon water, not what I wanted but it was hot and tasty!

We are in Phase 1 which is the Reclaim phase.  Basically this week we slowly get rid of animal products from our diet.  Reducing the amount of acidity and stress on our digestive system.  We work on getting our bodies properly hydrated for optimal cell function PLUS we get ALL the vital nutrients we need to help get our body’s alkaline/acid balanced. Then next week we’ll start the actual detoxing.  Oh Boy, who’s excited to detox?!

For breakfast today we enjoyed fresh Blueberries, some AMAZINGLY delicious organic yogurt (plain), and a bowl of oatmeal.  We were hungry by lunch today and got to eat another huge salad w/Chicken and toasted pine nuts.  And then came dinner time…a little worried that we only got ONE Southwest Veggie Taco, BUT with the beans and rice combo there was plenty to eat and it was very filling. We’re not crazy about Corn Tortillas.  We’ve had Yellow Corn before and they were hard and had no flavor.  This time I found White Corn Tortillas and they were soft and had a really good, sweet flavor.  This dinner will definitely be added to our monthly meal plan.

Oh, about that Power Greens afternoon drink.  It’s gross, but today I added in 1/8 t of Himalayan salt and it made it a little more bearable.  I ended my day with another 72 oz of water.

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