About Me

​"For we walk by faith, not by sight." 2Corinthians 5:7

I’m a Jersey girl through and through! Grew up in Wildwood Crest, living one block from the beach. I loved my town. It was small and everyone knew everyone, and in the summertime it was filled with extra people and fun times.

I worked as a coffee house waitress at the Town & Country in the early 80’s and as I got better at the waitressing thing, I started at an Italian Restaurant for dinners and an old time ice cream parlor for breakfast/lunch shifts.

I always enjoyed serving others, helping others, doing things for others. That’s what made me happy and that’s what I liked to do.

When I left my small town to go to college I headed South, down to Elon University in Elon, North Carolina. It was a beautiful campus filled with AMAZING people, some of whom became lifelong friends. I started off majoring in Mathematics and thought, I’ll be a math teacher. Then I realized, I’m good at math, but NOT that good. If I was going to teach someone, it would have to be something I could teach with my eyes closed. Something that was in my DNA, something that I always enjoyed, and something I was introduced to as a young girl. It just so happened that my guidance counselor was from the Sports Management Department and he was convinced I’d be a great addition to the Team. Well that was something I had never thought about?! BUT physical fitness had always been a part of my DNA, so WHY NOT??!!

So I graduated in 4 years with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Education (with a study track in Sports Management), and a Minor in Sports Medicine and Dance. Not knowing what I would do for a job, I started looking into the Health Club Industry and found myself doing ALL the jobs in the Clubs. Working the floor keeping clients happy and equipment clean, running the front desk, acting as Manager on Duty, leading fitness classes (on land and in the water), and even helping to start and run a women’s fitness program at my church. It all went in line with my LOVE for serving others. I enjoyed every minute of it!!

During all this hopping around within the Clubs, I moved from North Carolina to New Orleans and started studying for my Master’s in Exercise Physiology. BUT I ended up completing only one semester. I met my future husband (Jimmy), we got married, and started our family. It was a lot to take in and with my Type A personality with school work, everything needing to be done right and nothing less than an A would do. I had to put my next degree on hold.

My husband and I decided that New Orleans was a great place to be and full of history and culture, but not the place we wanted to raise our family. So we packed up and moved to Minnesota, straight up the Mississippi River, with one 2 year old (Hayden) and no jobs we drove up to our future!!

We added 3 more children (Sarah, Julia, and Peter) to our family, worked crazy jobs to pay our bills, struggled financially, and found Jesus. We have an AMAZING life and I wouldn’t change it for anything else. The struggles built our faith, Christ built our love, and working built our character.

Nutrition was something I NEVER had to worry about. I ate what I wanted and never gave it much thought. Eating healthy, was eating at home. A home cooked meal with veggies on your plate, a protein, and a starch. As many helpings as you’d like.

In 2010 after baby #4, both my husband and I were stuck in our weight and eating very poorly. He found P90X on a Saturday morning infomercial and we decided to do it together and get healthy. It was hard to get in an hour of extreme exercise with 4 kids needing your attention for something. So I gave up after the first 30 days, but I still saw results in those 30 days!! A year later my cousin introduced me to the coaching opportunity. It was just a natural fit to what I had already been doing, just another venue for me to do it. Serve others and help others!! I’ve been on my own health and fitness journey, trying different workouts and different ways of eating. Finally in February of 2014, I found the perfect workout system (30 minutes a day) and the most sensible eating plan ALL in one nice little package called The 21-Day Fix. Best part about this method of eating, the whole family can do it with me and I’m NOT in the kitchen preparing different meals and snacks.

What started off as a hobby and another venue for income has turned into a small business where I can help others be successful in their health and fitness, and still be home with my children. My passion to serve others and my legacy to change lives and help other be successful is being LIVED every day with Team Beachbody.

What is your LEGACY? What are YOU doing right now to make sure YOUR legacy lives on? I would love to SERVE you and SHARE my passion with YOU!! READY to JOIN me??

​"Doubt is part of the human drama. BUT don't let it consume you - let it MOTIVATE YOU!" ~ Darren Hardy