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May 24

I don’t like to give my kids a sugary drink after playing outside or at the end of a sports practice or game. I prefer good ole’ water. However, I know it’s fun for them to have a colored drink that’s a little sweet! So I have found a healthy and delicious alternative that my kids LOVE!!!

1 c watermelon (seeded and cubed)
1/2 c maple water
1/2 c ice
6 fresh mint leaves
Blend up and enjoy, makes 2 glasses

I used one half of a watermelon and started with 5 c of watermelon so I mutiplied each ingredient by 5. Then I had a nice pitcher to put in the fridge that the kids can grab whenever they want 🙂 The mint flavor was a little much for them so next time I’ll back off and not use so much mint, but I LOVED the flavor!! And be sure to make your own maple water, it will save you some cash 😉

Mix 1 t pure maple syrup with 8 oz water!

This is the perfect thirst quencher for the summer time and an AWESOME replacement for Kool-Aid and/or Gatorade!!


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